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Blog from Dan

hello!! so… thought i’d post a blog to update you guys on what i/we have been up to!

since we last toured… been pretty much sitting around, doing drum practice, wakeboarding, replying to you guys, managing the bands sites, and giving time for the second album to be written!

I spent quite a bit of time in Dublin, hanging out with the Dublin FM104 street team and a friends band called ‘fox avenue’, (check them out!) which actually involved me co-presenting the lockin radio show on FM104’s rival station… Dublin spin1038! not sure how that came about!? was really fun! thanks loads to those of you who tuned in to listen and texted/called in! never done that before so that was cool… andddd.. went to see a bodies exhibition which was kinda cool and horrible as well! all these real bodies in bits! you should check it out!

apart from that… me and some friends went on a road trip up to ben nevis, scotland, to attempt snow boarding down it! it was… semi-awesome! cold, very cold, but fun!

We then went to see jack’s mannequin the other week which some people may know from our online video blog… that was pretty awesome, hung out with andrew after, haven’t seen him in about 3 years! Jim Wirt then came over from LA and we started on pre production for the album, went into a rehearsal studio to run through all the songs and work on them!

After thatttt…. we then head straight off to the studio! where we are now! it took a day or so to get settled in and sorted out, then on the 2nd day my kit arrived and i set up ready to start tracking drums!! although.. we still didn’t have a snare drum… we had one shipped over from LA (the one we used on 1st album) but it hadn’t arrived… customs held it up for some reason! so i recorded all the drums using a different snare.. then the one from LA finally arrived, so i went back and re-did all the drums! tiring… sounds pretty sweet though! hope you guys like it… also.. strange actually, i just realised i was wearing the exact same belt, shorts and shirt while recording all the drums as i was while recording the first album!?

we actually did another video blog! we aren’t doing them every week by the way, just when we have something interesting going on! haha. it should be up at 2pm tomorrow (Sat)!! check it out!!

i think thats pretty much it so far! about to start recording guitars now!
hope your all ok!!

Dan x

p.s. Last night on MTV2 we were number 2 but for some strange reason it is now showing last weeks chart so there must be something wrong at MTV. The box to tick for Discover is there so please put your vote in as we really want to be number 1 next week.
please vote for our video!!

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